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25th Anniversary

It's hard to believe that five years have passed since we made the 20th anniversary quilt, pictured below.  This year, 2011 is the Chenango Piecemaker Quilt Guild's 25th anniversary.  Look for a special exhibit to commemorate this milestone at our 2011 Festival of Quilts Show at the Oxford High School, October 8, 9 and 10th.

< Piecemakers 20th Anniversary Signature Quilt, made by members.

Chenango Piecemakers Quilt Guild
welcomes you to the world of quilting in Central New York.


Snail mail:  Chenango Piecemakers, P.O. Box 583, Norwich, NY  13815

Monthly Meetings  are held the 2nd Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at:
       United Church of Christ11 West Main Street,  Norwich, NY  13815

  • Upcoming events are shared
  • Brief business meeting is conducted
  • Refreshments are served
  • A Show and Tell of quilting projects, books, etc is frequently the highlight of the meeting.
  • Many meetings include an informative session featuring a speaker, demonstration or trunk show.
  • The Guild Lending Library is available to members to share quilting related books.      
Prospective members are always welcome at our regular meetings. Annual dues of $15 cover meeting room contribution, mailing costs for the monthly newsletter, and various Guild expenses.


       TNT (Tuesday Night Therapy)
         Tuesday evenings 6:30 to 9:00 at
United Church of Christ
         West Main Street, Norwich, NY  13815
         Last Tuesday of the month, 6:00 start
with a pot-luck meal.

        Quilting Goddesses
        Third Thursday of the month, afternoons from 1:00 to 4:00
        Usually held at a members home.

        Material Girls

        Third Sunday of the month from 12:30 to 5:00 at the
        United Church of Christ
        11 West Main Street
        Norwich, NY  13815

This is an overview of some of the things that we do and some of the projects in which we are involved.  New members are encouraged to participate in anything that interests them. 

Donation Blocks:  Each month one member brings in a pattern and a block for a 12�� (12� finished) block.  The patterns are passed out.  You do not have to make this block; any 12�� block will do.  You can make as many as you want or none at all.  Members bring the blocks that they have made and display them on the side table.  They are collected throughout the year and assembled on Super Sew Sunday.

Super Sew Sunday:  This is generally held on Super Bowl Sunday in January.  All the donation blocks are assembled into quilts.  There is more than just sewing to be done.  Blocks must be sorted and squared, sashing cut, tops tied, binding put on, and lots of ironing.  There is something for everyone and it is always a good time.  These quilts are donated to one or two charities chosen by the Guild.

Show and Tell/Safety Pins:  Show and Tell is held at every meeting.  If you have a project that is completed or almost finished, bring it to share with the Guild.  You get a gold safety pin for every completed quilt that you share.  If this is your first one, you get a pin with a ribbon.  Pins are usually displayed on nametags.

Nametags:  Each member of the Guild is encouraged to make and wear a nametag.  That helps those of us with less than perfect memories remember who you are.  At events, it identifies you as part of the Guild.  It is also a chance to display some of your skills.  Any pattern will do.  There are no rules, except that your name is legible.  If you don�t wear your nametag to a meeting, a minor fine is imposed.

Fat Quarter Drawing:  Each month, those members who have their nametags on are qualified for the fat quarter drawing.  You put your name in the basket.  At the end of the meeting, four winners are drawn.  Each goes home with a fat quarter.

Christmas Block Exchange:  Around September each year, those who want to participate sign up.  Your name will go on a list with 5 or 6 other names.  The requirement is a block with a Christmas theme.  You make enough blocks to give one to each person in your group and you receive one from each of them in return.  The blocks are due at the December meeting.

Challenge Quilts:  Around the end of the year, the Challenge Quilt Committee issues the rules for the next year�s challenge quilt.  You have until the July meeting to create your quilt.  At the meeting, the makers are kept secret and the Guild votes on the judging categories.  Each year the rules are different.  Prizes are awarded to the winners.

Festival of Quilts:  This is our biennial quilt show held in October.  Planning for this event starts shortly after the conclusion of the last show.  There are many details and lots of help is always needed. This is a big affair and we draw visitors from all over the State.  Attendance for the last few shows has been around 500.  There are several committees that handle the major items.  If you are interested in joining a committee, talk to any Quilt Show Chair. The 2009 festival will be our 10th anniversary biennial show.  It's sure to be something special.

Raffle Quilts:  This is a quilt made by the Guild.  It is raffled off at the Quilt Show in October.  The Raffle Quilt Committee selects several designs, the Guild votes on one, and makes that quilt.  Tickets are sold up to the last day of the show.  This is a major fund-raising event for the Guild.  More hands are always needed to complete the quilt.  If you are interested in participating, talk to anyone on the committee or the Quilt Show Chair.

Maternity/Donation Quilts:  These are part of a community awareness activity.   Quilts made for this project are donated to Chenango Memorial Hospital .  They are given to newborns and go home with the new family.  Any size or pattern baby quilt is acceptable.  Also, the Guild will supply pre-printed tops, many with backings, which can be assembled.

One Yard Fabric Exchange:  This is generally held at the Christmas meeting in December.  If you would like to participate, you simply bring 1 yard of fabric in any combination, e.g. one whole yard, two half-yards, four quarter-yards, etc.  If you bring a yard, you will go home with a yard.  More details are given in the December newsletter.

Row Quilts, Round Robins, and  Block Exchanges:  Each is an exchange of quilts, either monthly or bi-monthly.  Around September, those who are interested sign up.  Groups are organized.  You pick a theme for your exchange and made the first row, block or medallion, depending on the program.  You make the rules up for your bag and then pass it to the next person.  By the conclusion, usually one year, you will have something made by each person in your group.  Not every project is run every year and you can participate in one or all of them at the same time. 

   The Chenango Piecemakers was founded in 1986 by six women who were interested in the art of quilting.  In just 3 short years they had grown to more than twenty and by their 10th anniversary had over 50 members.  In 2011 the Chenango Piecemakers celebrate their 25th anniversary and membership has increased to nearly 90 quilters.
   They are very active in the community and have donated thousands of dollars, hundreds of quilts and countless hours to help those in need.  Some of the organizations that have benifitted from their generosity are Catholic Charities, Chenango Memorial Hospital, The Place, Hospice, Habitat for Humanity, The American Cancer Society, Quilts of Valor, and Guernsey Library just to name a few.
   The Chenango Piecemakers are dedicated, not only to preserving, but promoting the art of quilting.  As members of the Chenango Council of the Arts, they sponsor classes and demonstrations, hold free mini quilt shows throughout the year, and have brought some nationally renowned talent to the area  to share their work.  Some of these include Pepper Cory, Eugenia Barnes, Jo Coon, and Carolyn Raimey.
   Some women in the group have attained widespread recognition themselves.  Member, Marilyn Belford, is a well-known artist, author and certified quilt teacher, and Lorry Chwazik, also a member, is a well respected and certified quilt judge.  Several members have had their work published in national magazines and have taken  top honors at nationally recognized quilt shows.  See  "Mountain Flowers" in QuiltWorks Today Apr/May 2004 issue and "Miriam's Dance" in QuiltWorks Today Dec/Jan 2004 issue for just two examples.

   We hope after browsing our website you will be inspired to join us or a guild near you.  Contact your local Chamber of Commerce for information in your area.

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