The Chenango Piecemakers

Quilting . . . . It's functional, it's an art, it's an obsession!

2011 Retreat Dates

October 14, 15, 16, 2011

Directions Go towards Cortland and p/u Rte 81N in McGraw. (Exit 10). Go two exits. Get off at exit 12 and follow the ramp toward Ithaca.  Turn right at the T (Rte. 281) At the first light turn left onto Rte. 90N.  Stay on 90 until you come to Locke. Turn right at the light onto Rte. 38. Take this to Moravia. At the 4-way stop turn left and continue to follow Rte. 38.  Casowasco is about 7or 8 miles up the road on the right.  Allow 1-1/2 hours for the trip. Phone: 315-364-8756

General Information:
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed - Casowasco is a church facility.
  • Dress warmly and in layers.
  • You may bring snacks to share for the sewing room.
  • Lunch and Dinner Friday is not provided.  You may bring something from home or go to a local restaurant.  
  • Lunch on Sunday is not provided.  We usually chip in and each bring something for family style meal.
  • There is a kitchenette area in the Sewing Center so refrigerator, microwave and a coffee maker are available.
  • The facility provides one blanket and one pillow. You are responsible for the rest of your linens. (Sheets, quilt, towels, etc.)
  • Saturday night is our Show & Tell pajama party.  Wear your wildest PJ's and rehearse your favorite joke.
  • Plan to help clean up on Sunday before departure.
  • 3 meals are provided on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. All you can eat buffet style. Please notify us if you have any food allergies. Breakfast 8:00 am, Lunch 12:15 pm, Dinner 5:30 pm
  • If you would like, you may donate a couple dollars to the "Staff Appreciation Fund." We are not permitted to tip individuals.
Check list of what to bring:

Personal Items
Layered comfortable clothing
Warm socks
Sweater or jacket for outsidePJ's
Outdoor Footwear
Alarm Clock
Plastic bag for wet things
Plastic cup/Mug
Ear Plugs (for sleeping)
Hair Dryer
Eye Glasses

Sewing Items
Sewing Machine     
Power Cords/Strips
OTT Light
Rotary cutter/Mat    
Seam Ripper
Pins/NeedlesS. M. Attachments
Marking Pencils
Seat cushion/Chair
Small Garbage Bag
Fabric BINGO Board
Strip Poker Fabric strips
Fat 1/4's for card game

We usually play several games/activities over the course of the weekend.  Below is a sampling of one or more of the games that could be on the agenda. You will be notified several days ahead, so you know what to prepare for.

Fabric Card Game - Please bring two brand new, 100% cotton fat quarters.  Upon arrival, put them into the "kitty" and choose your lucky card from the deck on the table.  At our Saturday night gathering we will draw cards off the deck one at a time.  When your card comes up you choose one of the fat quarters from the table. 

Strip Poker  - Bring as many good quality, 100% cotton 2-1/2" strips of fabric (cut from a piece of fabric, crosswise - about 40" long) as you would like to play with.  Small groups are formed to play together.  A strip is "ante-ed" and cards are dealt.  The player with the highest card wins all the strips!  Groups are rotated so that you can enjoy all those people playing.  This is a fast moving fun game!

Jokes & Show & Tell - Bring along a show and telland your favorite jokes.  You will be amazed how much fun you will have.

Chinese Auction:  Bring an item that you "no longer use," "haven't finished," or "what was I thinking?" Make sure it is wrapped so nobody knows what it is.

Scavenger Hunt:  You will be given a list of items, if you have more items on the list than anyone else you win a prize.

Fabric BINGO - Directions for creating your Bingo Card Block (All Bingo blocks will be collected to make Charity Quilts within the guild.

10-1/2" Block

Each fabric must be chosen from one of the following categories:  floral, batik, geometric, hearts, leaf, holiday, novelty, paisley, plaid, solid, stripe, star, 1930's reproduction print, metallic, or dots.  Use a black print fabric for the center square. All squares are made from 2-1/2" cuts of fabric

    5 squares of assorted yellow prints    "B" Row
    5 squares of assorted red prints        "I"  Row
    4 squares of assorted purple prints    "N" Row
    5 squares of assorted blue prints       "G" Row
    5 squares of assorted green prints     "O" Row
    1 square of black print                       Center square of "N" row

Sew the 5 yellow squares to make a row.  In the same manner, sew 1 red, 1 blue and 1 green row.  Sew 2 purple pairs. Join 1 purple pair to each side of the black square to complete purple row.  Sew the five rows together in the appropriate order, placing the purple row in the center to complete on bingo card.  Make as many cards as you wish.  Bring your fabric block card and 25 flat buttons to the retreat.

Page last updated 6/23/11

This quilt was made by members
of the guild and given to the 
Casowasco Retreat in honor of
all the years they have 
welcomed and provided for us.


This is the spot where we all meet, 
a place that really cant be beat. 
With renewed strength each day we greet, 
we leave our stress out in the street.

We bond, we laugh, we sew, we eat, 
at times play cards, beware . . some cheat!
We show, we tell, were not discreet, 
and our PJs are really neat.

No darkness, snow nor even sleet, 
no rain or cold and rarely heat, 
The task at hand will not defeat, 
or keep us from our chosen feat.

So take a load off, have a seat, 
arrange your scraps upon the sheet.
Creative juices wont deplete, until our purpose is complete.

Once youve been here you will repeat, 
and your resolve will be concrete.
Three days away is such a treat, 
our CASOWASCO Quilt Retreat!

By Kim M. Betts

The New Dining Hall

    This may not be the best photo, but it will give you an idea of how the sewing room is set-up for the April retreat in the Bethany Lodge. 
     You will find that this layout only marks off for 26 spots (indicated by an X on the chart). I believe we will have no problem getting another table into the set up to accommodate 2 other spots.
     Under the edge of the seat part of the bench is where you will find 5 plugs, 4 of which are brand new plugs w/ 4 sockets in each plug plate. Each set of 2 plugs is connected to its own circuit breaker. We have enough cords to help get the power strips plugged into them.
     The only thing I would say that you may want to have the ladies add to their list is a light if they feel they will need it.
     A reminder that we will have the lift powered on and available throughout your stay so your equipment can be taken down into the lounge area easily and anyone who has difficulty with the stairs can manage that easily as well.

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